Sales Call Script: How to get a buyer to invest over the phone

Sales calls are hard.

I’ve been doing them for years. I typically do high ticket sales calls (high ticket to me is $3k and up). I’ve sold $30k at a time and I’ve made my clients millions in sales.

But the truth is…

I actually LOATHED SELLING when I first started out.

And, to this day I can’t say I’m a “hardcore closer” lol. I don’t yearn for the thrill of the chase. I’m no Wolfess of Wall Street.

I’m am however a woman who understands money psychology and the reasons selling and taking money is so tricky for most female business owners.

Today I am going to focus on the all mighty sales call and how to make thousands of dollars in just 45 mins.

I am the first to agree that sales calls are scary. They do not come naturally to women. It’s not the part of our business we look forward to.

They are, however, 100% necessary for your survival.

Sales calls are something you have to learn how to do. It’s not instinctual.

Somehow, within a 30-45 minute window, you have to travel a potential buyer from education to sale without them getting confused, scared, or distracted.

You have to succinctly be able to describe your service and products in a way that make sense, isn’t overwhelming, and makes them see the value.

And, while you are artfully answering questions and jumping through hoops, at one point you have to ask them for a credit card so you can take a payment and make sure that last 45 minutes of your life were not in vain.

And let’s be honest:

Asking for money is HAAAAARRRRDDD.

It’s uncomfortable.

There’s definitely a huge chance of rejection.

And, it can be an awkward section of the Conversation that neither buyer or seller enjoy.

Most women I know don’t just hate asking for money, they actively sabotage their sales conversations, calls, emails.

Instead of learning an authentic way to transition from education to sale, they will dodge the situation all together.

Here is an example you (or your sales team) may recognize:

Sales Scenario: The Sales Call

You are in a sales call and the potential buyer seems somewhat interested in your service. The lead didn’t come to the call brandishing their credit card and demanding you take their money (which would be nice) but, they are interested and do see the value. You get the vibe they want to engage but you also know you’re gonna have to do some footwork around getting the card number over the phone.

And then the anxiety creeps in.

You start to overthink *how* you’re going to ask for the card.

You are stressing about being too forward, or pushy or “sales-y”.

You start to worry that you’ll put the potential buyer off by asking for money.

Then, as your brain is in full panic mode, you start to make a case for NOT asking. You tell yourself that it’s more ethical to wait. That it’s better to play it cool. That it’s more mature to send a payment link by email.

You tell yourself that if they really want to buy your services they will do it via an emailed link, in a follow up call, via the website etc etc.

In a matter of seconds, your brain has detected your discomfort and then figured out a way around it.

Your brain, detecting your anxiety and avoidance, goes into full on fix-it mode and creates an escape route that rationalizes why you shouldn’t ask for the credit card and why doing it later would be better.

Except, the solution of “doing it later” means you end up without any money now. Which is a much bigger problem.


So, what’s the solution then?

How do you stop self-sabotaging your sales calls and start making that cash register sing?

Well, there’s 2 ways really.

The first is the easy peasy transition script I wrote out just for you.

I’ve included a snippet below, but you can download the full thing here. (Hyper link to option page).

The second is a much bigger conversation that looks at your entire selling system to see if your systems are set up to do the brunt of the heavy lifting when it comes to sales OR whether you’re sucking wind because you’re trying to sell to people who aren’t ready to buy. You can learn more about that here (link to COPS sales page?).

Right now, let’s focus on what we can instantly change. Let me give you the words that bring money.

Let me share my one transition sentence that can take you from the education part of your sales call to the money part of your call.

The one segue sentence you can use to transition your sales calls into the part where you take the credit card.

Let’s set the scene:

You are around 20-30 mins into sales call and you done all the selling, explaining, and obstacle-smushing (technical term) you can.

The potential buyer has not committed yet but you want to make the sale and you need their buy in.

The conversation has naturally made its way to the point where you need them to either buy or get off the phone.

You (obviously) want the sale but you can feel yourself wanting to dodge asking for the card details or you are unsure of how to maneuver the conversation to logistically getting the digits:

Here’s what you can say next:

You: So, has everything I’ve said today made sense so far, do you have any more questions?

Them: No, you’ve answered everything perfectly.

Great! So you are ready to get started today or do you need a moment to digest?

^^^ this will force them to make a decision and will give you a definitive answer and a follow-up plan.

Now, depending on whether they want to pay or wait, you can either move the conversation to the money-getting part or, you’re going to set up their next steps so they know exactly what’s going to happen next.

Now, I’ve written out the next part of the sales script in more detail here. Basically, the above question forces them to choose a path and so, use this sales script to move the conversation to either getting their card processed or sending a follow-up series. Hyperlink)

You can download this script and make your own tweaks so it feels good in your bones.

With a couple of authentic transition sentences for your sales calls, you can easily transition the call into the often sticky and twisty “take their money” part without feeling like a sleazy second-hand car salesman.

You shouldn’t feel weird about people paying you. It’s the only way your business will survive.

Keep selling,

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