Ditch The Dread: How to do a sales call everyone loves [women only]

I hated sales calls.

And, considering my very first business (a brick and mortar fitness business) depended on me selling memberships over the phone, in person, and via email, that was not a good thing.

I wanted to help people. And, I’m really good at helping people. But I didn’t like having to take their money.

I felt like there was something so ugly, so sleazy, about taking their money.

I simply wanted them to join my awesome boot camp, get great results, and let the Magic Money Fairy take care of the rest.

Confession: I was so bad at the money part of the business that I would often conduct a personal training session and FORGET to ask them to pay for it.

We’d be on an endorphin high after an incredible training session and they would float out the door feeling accomplished and as soon as the door clicked behind them…

…I’d be like “ahhh fuck”. 🤦🏻‍♀️

I’d forgotten to get paid again.

So yes, I was literally the WORST at taking people’s money.

And now…well now I sell a million-plus dollars of coaching a year, over phone, zoom, and email.

So, there’s hope for you yet.

If you weren’t born a natural salesperson, sales calls and taking money is very daunting.

And yup, I get it, there are gobs and gobs of people out here that fucking love closing deals.

They love the chase, the conversation manipulation, the close.

They love beating down objections and basically WINNING on every call.

The Zig Ziglar’s of the world are everywhere, but they are definitely the minority.

What I see mostly are women business owners who have been conditioned to NOT PURSUE money. We’ve been taught to be demure about money. Respectful. Avoid the subject when possible.

We are taught, from a young age, that discussing money with others is vulgar.

So, if we believe sales to be vulgar, how the fuck are we to embrace them inside our business.

Well, there are a couple of mindset hacks I have used over the years to help remind myself that sales aren’t gross and that I am allowed to conduct sales calls and sales emails in a way that is authentic to me…me and only me.

I’m going to share these hacks and then, at the end, I have a free sales call template I am giving away where you can write out, with my help, your sales call scripts and pointers, so you don’t have to feel vulgar anymore

(Or, if you want that script right now before the hacks, download it here).

Ok, let’s dive in:

No-Fail Sales Mindset Hack #1: The Friends With Benefits Approach.

Before you pick up the phone or send an email, just remind yourself that the person on the other end is your friend.

They are not the answer to your revenue problems.

They are not another notch in your revenue bedpost.

They are not another zero on your weekly sales report.

They are your friend and you’ll have a chat with them about how to help and whether they buy or not, the outcome will be good. The outcome will benefit them.

The reason you want to view your sales call as a friendly chat is 2 fold:

  1. You want to remove the pressure of making the sale. When you feel pressured the buyer can hear it and honestly…it translates as desperation.
  2. You want to get your potential buyer to a place where they feel disarmed and open. The more closed off they feel, the harder it is to sell them. You want to use your god-given skills as a woman to open them up a little bit. Dig a little deeper. Get to the root of their problems. If they trust you enough to be vulnerable, then you will make a deep connection and deep connections are where the gold is.

So, treat the prospect like a friend you want to help and use my sales script template  to authentically guide you to closing the deal and getting their credit card details.

No-Fail Sales Mindset Hack #2: No Coach Approach

Now, this is a much bigger topic and I have written an entire blog about it on my website but in short, before you jump into a sales email or call, you must remember to not fall into a coaching session while you’re trying to sell someone.

I see this mistake all the time.

All. The. Time.

The person on the other end is asking questions about services or explaining their problems and obstacles and instead of showing them the solution and discussing your services, you fall into the much more comfortable space of teaching and coaching.

Which is totally normal. It’s something I see in women a lot and that’s because we love to help other people.

We want them to feel better. We want to solve their problem. So we slide into our coaching zone. We dig deeper and solve problems and coach the shit out of that person.

They leave your sales conversation feeling like a million bucks.


…they haven’t parted with a single dollar.

You helped them and solved problems for them but you did it for free and, what’s more…

…they leave the conversation feeling like they got an answer.

Instead of showing them that the real answer lies within your products, you gave away the answer for free.

You’re not doing them any favors. We all know that free advice is never acted upon. So, really, you’re doing them a disservice by giving them a quick coaching session for free.

So stop.

You can only truly help people by selling them your service.

So, to recap:

  • Sales calls are friends, not food.
  • Don’t coach people for free, close them and make money.

Ok, as promised, I am going to share my No-Fail Sales Call Template. You can use this in person, on zoom, or on the phone. It’s flexible enough to work in many situations but templated enough to ensure you don’t go off-roadinh during a sales call. I need you focused on the goal but flexible enough not to sound like a robot, ok?

So download my guided sales call template and you’ll be able to:

  • Stop giving away your time and energy to sales calls that go nowhere
  • Lead your prospect to a fork in the road decision where they can either shit or get off the pot.
  • Authentically sell your product, take a credit card, and close the deal all without feeling dirty, vulgar, or gross.

Download the template now.

Sales conversations are NOT the bane of your existence! You don’t have to love them, but you no longer have to fear them.

Sell ya soon,


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