Coming soon! The sassy (and slightly sweary) book written for equally sassy (and slightly sweary) female business owners who need a cheerleader, a voice of reason, and a hug made of words as they juggle their clients, kids, and cashflow.


Join the waitlist for the most heartwarmingly blunt self-help business growth book written specifically for female entrepreneurs.

Whether you are growing your first business or fifth, this dip-in-dip-out book will set you straight and keep you grounded.


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FACT: Women spend three times more, per week, on housework than men. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women still spend significantly more time on average doing work in and around the house than men do.

So with that in mind…how the hell are we supposed to build a business and have the career of our dreams?

If our time is being sucked away by scrubbing dishes, balling socks, and taking on the lion's share of household management, how does growing a successful and profitable business factor in?

I am not the first woman on the planet to bemoan the juggling act all women face when trying to run a business and grow a kid, but I am here to provide some coping tools, lessons, and straight-up shortcuts to this whole female entrepreneur journey.

Will you come out the other end of this book a zen-like creature who communes with nature while drinking matcha tea on a yoga mat?


You will, however, develop your own business guidebook that doesn’t burn you out, overwhelm you, or make you feel inferior to your competition.

Each chapter comes with a lesson and a coping tool. When you combine these with the 2-minute scribble exercises at the back of the book, you will end up with a personalized business plan made just for you, by you.

You will get to map out your success, nail down your boundaries, and pre-plan your milestones before you fall over them in a haze of stress-induced insomnia.

Female entrepreneurs have been hit hard with staggering amounts of women-owned businesses crippled by the 2020/2021 economic crash and many brick and mortar businesses simply closing up shop.

So now what?


…now we fight back.

It’s time for a resurgence and time to claw our way back to the top.

That business you want to build - do it.

That side hustle you want to expand - do it

The second business idea that's been screaming at you for years - do that too.

And, as you prepare to grow your successful business know that my book, DishesDotCom, will guide you every step of the way.

This powerful little book will not only steady you as you navigate the choppy waters of female entrepreneurism but it will also help you:

  • Define your success parameters so you never feel like your business is a giant time-sucking money pit but rather, a business you feel proud of because it meets your needs.

  • Keep your eyes on the prize and your eyes MOST DEFINITELY off other people's business brags and so-called success. We will also dive deep into the crises of comparison and how it will rob you of happiness and keep you playing small.

  • Feel like a woman again, a woman that embraces your failures, limitations, and cultural expectations and reminds herself daily that no one expects her to be Superwoman every single day.


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