• Ben Settle, World Renowned Email Marketer

    She is the ONLY person I’ve ever let write email copy for me (she did the emails for the podcast selling all my products — and 99% of the time with little or no interference or correction from elBenbo needed)… not even my ex-copywriting apprentice was ever allowed to partake in the noble deed of writing for me, to give you an idea of how much I believe in Misty’s ability to write email copy. If you are a client and want to hire Misty for email copywriting (and any other kind of copywriting she offers), I cannot recommend her enough. If you’ve been on my list very long, you know I *never* do this. In fact, the only other time I did this was a couple of years ago when I (foolishly) took on an apprentice to help kick off her career and get her some experience and clients. Other than that, I don’t recall ever promoting anyone else directly like this. Ben Settle, World Renowned Email Marketer
    Ben Settle, World Renowned Email Marketer
  • Marcella Allison, A-List Copywriter and CEO of Titanides Mentoring Collective

    DAMN GIRL YOU CAN WRITE like a motherfucker as Cheryl Strayed says. I was blown away. this was so easy to review. Nothing struck me as off. I think you write me better than I write me. THANK YOU. There is NO WAY this would have gotten done without you.
    Marcella Allison, A-List Copywriter and CEO of Titanides Mentoring Collective
  • Vicky Fraser, CEO Moxie Books

    You know, you might be a good writer. You might get great results with sales letters. You might study and build mad skillz. I did. But my emails were suffering, so I got Misty on the case — and she’s some kind of email witch. Our coaching sessions are stuffed full of tweaks, ideas, and strategies that have made a real difference to my business — to the tune of adding one new member a week for the past month. Based on the average time my members stay with me (9 months) that’s an extra £3,492 this year. If you want better results from your emails, see if you can get Misty to coach you.
    Vicky Fraser, CEO Moxie Books
  • Lisa Rangel, Owner Chameleon Resumes

    Marketing Consultant, Business Advisor and Creative Muse are just some of the ways Misty and I have engaged over the last 4 years. She has exceeded my expectations in every way, each and every time. I’m excited for her to extend what she does for her clients and for me now to our clients.
    Lisa Rangel, Owner Chameleon Resumes
  • Monique Nelson, Owner of Health Coach Monique

    When it comes to writing words, very few people on earth come close to Misty’s raw talent. When you hear her voice in real life and then forever read her posts, emails and books with her unique accent…three is no coach I’d rather have harass my butt into writing.
    Monique Nelson, Owner of Health Coach Monique
  • Jeff Nemeth Fitness Disruption

    Before I started using Misty’s principles, I emailed my list when I had an offer to promote or an event. Occasionally I would mail when I made a media appearance. The idea of emailing my list multiple times per week scared me to death. What if they all left? What if they all hated me? I’m the end, Misty was right and my success with email went through the roof. My open rates went from less than 9% to averaging over 19%. I went from being happy to making 2-3 sales over an entire promo campaign to averaging slightly more than 2 sales per email. My engagement went up as customers respond to emails with questions and comments. People that weren’t my ideal customer left my list and I began to grow a smaller, yet more die-hard fan base. Writing a daily email helped me find my voice and helped my ideal customers find me. In short, Misty’s email coaching seemed to be completely against common marketing logic but the proof of its success has been proven in my bottom line. Each day you’re not doing what she teaches you’re losing money in your business.
    Jeff Nemeth Fitness Disruption
  • Candace Parsons, Direct Response Copywriter and Sales Expert

    Misty is like NO ONE ELSE as far as getting results for-and-from people is concerned. Her talent with copy is second to none and she is a STELLAR COACH. Dang it, the last copy massacre challenge I completed has set me on a course that I’ve been struggling to achieve for the longest time. THANK YOU MISTY, you are *completely incredible*!
    Candace Parsons, Direct Response Copywriter and Sales Expert
  • Rob Santarossa, Owner IronCore Kettlebell Club

    What I like best about Misty is she doesn’t teach using kid’s gloves… in fact she uses boxing gloves! She’s always there when I need support with practical and creative solutions for my copy and business. If you want to quickly learn how to write compelling emails that get read and SELL get Misty on your team today. I’m a believer.
  • Christian Petro, Owner at Christian Petrou & Associates

    After listening to me ramble on and on about everything I had going on, Misty cut through my verbal vomit and put a brain dead simple plan together I had over looked. She’s wicked smart and quick to make you move out of your own way. The clarity I got with Misty has helped me produce in a few days more than I had in the past weeks combined. If she can’t help you - God be with you!
    Christian Petro, Owner at Christian Petrou & Associates
  • Rich Fitton

    If you have a product, project, even an entire new business inside you that’s itching to get out, talk to Misty. You’ll be moving at Mach 2 before you know it. She’ll have you stringing your words together like a pro too!
    Rich Fitton

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