Real rules, fake drools.

So I was chatting with a guy called James Barger recently (Ian Stanley’s right-hand man inside his membership group The Unit) and I was waxing lyrical about why my company is called DisGraceful Marketing.

It’s not because we want to be the next in yer face marketer who drops an F-Bomb at every corner (I mean I do….but not for attention or pattern interrupt…just a plain old foul mouth).

DisGraceful Marketing, I told James, is based on authenticity. It’s about shamelessly owning your marketing persona and dropping all airs and graces the rest of your industry depends upon.

It’s about being who you are and letting that bleed into your marketing plan.

If you are a super PC, gentle, polite person…fantastic…use that to your advantage.

If you’re rough around the edges use that.

If you prefer dishing out bullshit-free advice…perfect use it.

What I am saying is, whatever your proclivity, don’t dress it up. Be unashamedly you. Own it and don’t compare yourselves to others.

In its essence, Disgraceful Marketing is an email marketing and business growth strategy company that is unapologetically authentic.

We write witty, cheeky, clever email marketing campaigns that no one can ignore (ask Ben Settle who once called me The Queen of Repulsive Marketing)

We create bold growth strategies that take no prisoners (just ask Marcella Allison, we pushed her business baby out during a pandemic for Gods Sake).

We focus on finding the best way to grow your revenue based on your team, your budget, and your intentions (just ask Lisa Rangel as we go from million to multi-millions)

We focus on writing copy that makes people laugh all the way to bank…and if that’s how you would like to run your online business… …then shoot me an email and come be disgraceful with me.

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