Hi, my name is Misty.

I help online businesses develop profitable growth plans and damn good marketing strategies.

In my opinion, the whole point of owning a business is so you can help others while creating freedom for yourself. You might want the freedom to take a 3-month vacation or you might want the freedom to spend large amounts of money building a backyard farm. Freedom is different for everyone but, in essence, a big motivation for entrepreneurs is to help others while helping yourself and your family.

But, the problem I see, is that so many entrepreneurs are still stuck in the “messy middle”. Still living month to month. Still overwhelmed. Still just breaking even. They haven’t yet found “cloud 9”. They haven’t quite got to a place where they can enjoy financial security while running a successful business they love.

Well, hot damn!
It’s time to make a plan.

(I LOVE a good plan)

With my years of experience working behind the scenes for high profile (and high profit) online companies and your unbridled passion for what you do…

…we can develop a growth plan that will have you hopping over business milestones month after month. Using a combination of strategy, product creation, email marketing, and several (loving) kicks in the ass, your team and I will make that cash register ring.

Want to learn more?

Hop over to the services page or shoot me an email.

  • Lisa Rangel, Owner Chameleon Resumes

    Marketing Consultant, Business Advisor and Creative Muse are just some of the ways Misty and I have engaged over the last 4 years. She has exceeded my expectations in every way, each and every time. I’m excited for her to extend what she does for her clients and for me now to our clients.
    Lisa Rangel, Owner Chameleon Resumes